October 4, 2020

September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Building Update

The concerns that COVID 19 may cause material availability issues continue  as some items are in short supply.

Completed Items

  • Fire Department Inspection and review of the smoke testing for the kitchen exhaust ducting passed
  • Framing for the kitchen cookline and fryer wall completed with fire rated insulation
  • Cookline and fryer wall cement boarded.
  • The Kitchen hoods, exhausts arrived. The mechanical contractor installed the necessary supports and the units have been hung.
  • Storage rooms drywall completed.
  • Meeting Room and Bar Area Drywall ceiling and walls completed
  • Main Hall ceiling and walls drywall completed 
  • Hallway ceiling and walls drywall completed
  • Kitchen area ceiling and walls drywall completed
  • Supports for the Interior light fixtures in the main hall installed
  • Interior Walls Sound Insulation installed where required
  • Partition Wall Ceiling Track installed at the meeting room corridor
  • The track for the partition walls in the main hall has been installed with additional supports and anti-sway bars
  • Interior Tiles - We are in the process of purchasing the tile required and have a contractor selected for installation.
  • Sound System wiring completed. Expanded sound system to include patio and washroom areas
  • Aluminum Light Fixtures- The first article large light fixture received. The balance of the large fixtures is expected shortly.  
  • HVAC Ducting completed in Main Hall and meeting room
  • Additional site visits conducted between partition wall supplier and metal fabricator. Metal supports fabricated, made to measure.
  • Light fixtures metal supports.  Vendor conducted a final site visit for measurements. Support plates manufactured and installed
  • Supplier for the wood trim has been selected 
  • Grading around the hall is completed and ready for landscape treatment
  • The summer heat affected the grass along the sidewalk. Special grass seed purchased and sown
  • Exterior of building caulking completed

Architect input for the millwork for the bar area obtained. We will meet with our volunteer consultant to review the refined layout for the bar, kitchen and washroom features and granite installs. Improved pricing obtained for wallpaper that is also better quality. Architect selected the color/pattern of the wallpaper. 

Alternate proposal for kitchen equipment is expected by months end.

Work in Process

  • Mechanical HVAC and plumbing in process at the kitchen drop ceiling location. 
  • The hoods are in the process of being connected with the welded exhaust piping
  • The construction of the walk-in freezer/ cooler freezer in final stage. 
  • Drywall in process- The drywalled bulkhead design is intricate and is in process
  • Purchasing of tiles, and wallpaper in process
  • The architect indicated what palette the interior colors. Samples have been provided for his approval. Wallpaper and ceiling paint selected. Interior wall paint color and wood stain pending.
  • Decision on procurement process for Stainless steel paneling at kitchen cookline and fryer wall in process. This also includes the procurement of the kitchen wall material with the required Class A rating.

Quotes/ Specification Development in Process

  • Light Shades- Color to complement new tile selected and approved by architect Sourcing fabric fire resistant and tested to standards required.
  • Interior wood doors- Site visits by vendors complete.  Quotes under review. 
  • Washroom Partitions- Seeking additional quotes
  • Kitchen Equipment Alternate Proposals

Project Manager

Marica Zoric

Status of Hall Budget Spetember 2020


Amount spent to date

Spent including Infrastructure expenditure


HST paid to date


Total to date


Remaining Work

Cost to complete including Infrastructure expenditure


HST to pay


To Complete


Held by City of Niagara Falls

Refundable Site Plan Deposit


(not included in above expenditure)

All For The Hall

Yard/Bake Sale Fundraiser


A recent fundraiser held on September 12, 2020,  by the St. George & St. Archangel Michael Church Choir was a great success. A big thank you to all those that donated, contributed baked goods, and volunteered their time. 


Special thanks to Father Milorad and Popadija for supporting this event. The storage trailer Father Milorad was able to obtain for us was invaluable. Another huge “Thank you” to the Yard/Bake Sale Committee: Georgina Kiraly, Mike & Cookie Borich, Slavica Malbassa, Rada Vujic for working with me to organize and deliver this event. A special thanks to Rick Serada, Danny & Mara Puhar, Judy & Misha Djurdjevic, Joanne Vasic, John Mrmak, Marianne Borich, Anne Kajganic, Evica Lazic, Lillian Mirovich and Milos Vujic.


Thank you all for your dedication to St. George & St. Archangel  Michael Church.  Your compassion and kindness towards others is an inspiration to all members of our congregation! It was a wonderful opportunity for so many to work together toward a common goal: 




Finally, thank you to the Folklore Studenica for providing the Grab & Go food and then donating all of their proceeds to our fundraiser.


The unsold items were donated to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village & the Women's Shelter of Niagara Falls.  It was a pleasure to be able to support groups from the Niagara community.


Our Fundraiser was a HUGE success and those of us who contributed should be very proud of our accomplishment.

We were able to raise:


Yard Sale…………………….$6,243.53

Bake Sale …………………...$1,875.87

Folklore Grab & Go…………$1,171.30


Total raised…………………..$9,290.70



Mary Boone

Choir President