December 9, 2020

November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Building Update

November 30, 2020

The concerns that COVID 19 may cause material availability issues continue  as some items are in short supply.

Completed Items

-The fire department and city inspector were present for the smoke testing of the welded exhaust connective piping for the hoods. Test successful.
-With the successful smoke test, the work to install the the3M fire wrap in the exhaust has been completed
-Corrective actions required by the civil engineer who designed the site services engineer completed.
-Approval Report submitted to the city by the civil engineer confirmed the site services, sidewalks and concrete work completed per the drawing design
-The application for the return of the site plan deposit was submitted to the city. With the required actions completed the city has provided a cheque in the full amount of the funds owing. The cheque was picked up at City Hall and deposited in the bank.
-The city conducted three separate site visits. The city landscape engineer and the city services engineer reported no issues with the work completed
-As a result of the planning department site visit, three items were required to be addressed.  Parking lot painted line corrected, metal posts and handicapped parking signs installed. A Red Lined Drawing submitted for the additional barrier-free parking submitted accepted by the city planning manager
-Completed the first servicing of the stormceptor including vacuuming and cleaning. Going forward future servicing required at two to three-year intervals.
-Window transom installed, door at rear of building
-R60 Attic Blown-in Insulation completed
-A pressure test of the gas line showed a drop in pressure. A manufacturing defect, the seal cracked under pressure, was discovered. Part replaced and pressure testing by the mechanical contractor passed.
-Subsequent pressure testing of natural gas lines conducted by gas company passed and meter unlocked
-Interim inspection conducted by the Mechanical Engineer completed. The contractor, the engineer and the building committee present during the review

Work in Process

-Drywall in process-. Taping continues where required. The rate of completion is at 85 to 90%.
-Final adjustments to Kitchen ducting placement required
-Plan under development for painting and priming the interior ceilings, walls, storage rooms
-Purchasing of tiles, and wallpaper in process.  Plan for completion of the storage room for tile and wallpaper is a task identified in the interior paint plan.
-Review of Door Hardware List yields a change to the handles for the larger wood doors.
-Front entrance door in manufacturing phase
-Prep work for the fire safety plan in process.
-Application in process for a rebate for kitchen hood equipment

Project Manager

Marica Zoric

Special Thanks

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support.  Their contributions help support the daily costs within our church, such as the purchasing of candles and other sundries needed in servicing the religious needs of our community.